How To Deal With Being “That Person” Who Brings Lunch To Work

Pam Beasely from The Office

By now, people know me as the “lunch lady” of the office. And not like, the lunch lady you’re picturing with the hairnet and gloves serving food.

It’s because I bring my lunch to work every day. And promptly at 12 pm, you’ll find me in the kitchen getting my Tupperware¬†out of the fridge.

This is just one of the many yummy lunches I’ve taken to work.

The other day I bought lunch and my coworker called me out!

“You can’t buy lunch if you have a blog about cooking lunches, Talia” she teased.

It took me awhile to learn how to be “that person” who brown bags it. But today I’m going to share with you how to deal with it and tell you what¬†happen when you start bringing lunch to work on a regular basis.

You worry less about being judged for your food choices.

At lunch time, I hear people justifying their food choices. They comment on their takeout purchases, explaining why they had to get Chipotle instead of a salad… but no one ever asks. Or cares.

“I’m trying to be good, so I just made this salad.”

“I know it’s bad but I just can’t stop shoving pizza into my mouth.”

*Eats a Subway sandwich* “I need to go on a¬†juice cleanse next week.”

Sound familiar?

People call out their own choices to beat onlookers to the punch.

When you bring your own food to work every day, there’s a lot less guilt. You get to make your food choice ahead of time, so there’s really no room for “good” or “bad” self talk.

You can still join your coworkers for lunch when they go out.

Taking lunch outside the office is really about taking a break. It’s important to get up, get out and stretch your legs.

It’s also prime time to socialize with coworkers. One thing I hear a lot is that people don’t want to bring lunch to work because they don’t want to miss out on hanging out with coworkers away from the office.

Lunch FOMO is a thing, guys. But you don’t have to¬†miss out on taking a breather just because you brought lunch to work.

You can always eat the lunch you brought with you before or after going with your friends to their favorite spot. And when you go with them, you don’t have to buy anything.¬†

I promise, no one will think it’s weird. If they ask, just say, you already ate and needed a break.

You don’t have to eat at your desk.

I eat at my desk every day because that’s what I’m most comfortable doing. But, you can pretty much eat wherever you want if you bring lunch to work. Except for maybe a restaurant. But who has time for a sit-down meal anyway?

If it’s nice out, you can always take a lunch break in a nearby park or courtyard area. Most offices in cities have something like that around. You can eat in a break room or common area in your office as well. You can also just bring your lunch to Chipotle or wherever your friends are going and eat it there.

Don’t worry, Chipotle won’t care as long as your friends paid for their gross burrito bowls.

You can nudge your coworkers to bring their lunches in too.

At lunchtime, my coworkers often ask me what I’m eating, or they tell me how good it smells.¬†Whenever that happens, I just say they should try doing it at home too.

“I wish I had time to cook” is something I hear A LOT from people I work with. I can’t go to their apartments and cook for them, but I think my consistency influences them positively.

Eventually, some of my coworkers started brown-bagging it more and more. Now, most of my table does it and I feel much less weird.

This is my coworker’s lunch that she brought in last week. Looks amazing, right?

It doesn’t take long to transform from buying lunch every day to becoming “that person” who brings food in every day. What’s most important is that you’re taking care of your health and keeping your mind on your money.

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