FitCoupleCooks On Healthy Eating, Meal Prep And Macros

steph and AB of fitcouplecooks

When I first discovered FitCoupleCooks on YouTube, I thought “I have found my people.”

There aren’t too many meal preppers out there who can teach cooking and meal prep without scaring people off, but their 300k subscribers speak for themselves.

Aside from the fact that they’re entertaining as hell to watch, I adore Adam “AB” and Stephanie of FitCoupleCooks because of their approach to building healthy meals.

They take favorites like fish and chips and mac ‘n’ cheese, figure out how to make them healthy AND easy to recreate on your own. Also, they include the cost per meal in most of their videos. What more could you want?!

We recently connected on Instagram and when they said “yes” to doing an interview, I did the dorkiest happy dance ever.

In this interview, FCC talks about health goals, counting calories vs. counting macros and how to solve a problem that all meal preppers know to be true: how to have variety in meals.

How did you find meal prep and why did you start?

AB: I’m a classically trained chef who was living an unhealthy lifestyle. I started meal prepping chicken, rice and broccoli for years until I finally starting applying my chef skills to meal prep! We both started meal prepping when we had health goals to work toward.

You include information on macros in your meal prep videos. Should everyone be tracking macros? What’s the benefit of tracking them?

FCC: The old philosophy to weight loss and health is “calories in and calories out.” But not all calories are equal! Instead of burning more calories than we take in, which is unhealthy, we have to track the type of calories we consume.

Macros are the caloric content of food, specifically carbs, fats and protein. Depending on your goals, you can adjust the ratio of macros you want to take in. It’s different for everyone.

AB: I used to track macros the old fashioned way. I started out with a pen and paper before switching to MyFitnessPal, which makes tracking macros super easy. Anyone can (and should) be tracking macros.

PS – FitCoupleCooks made this awesome spreadsheet (and you know I love spreadsheets) for calculating macros! Click here to get it.

What’s the #1 challenge your audience has with health, and what’s your advice to them?

FCC: There are two main challenges our audience has: variety in meals and heating up meal prepped food.

Stephanie: We have 40+ meal prep recipes on our YouTube channel. For anyone that needs variety you can easily create five different dishes from our channel, freeze them and give yourself the gift of options throughout the week. Some don’t even realize that variety might help them eat healthier. We always ask people, “What have you been eating for breakfast for the last year?” (of course, with a smile). We find the people usually eat the same thing every day and follow the same routine without even realizing it!

For heating up food:

FCC: We recommending reheating meal prepped food on the stove, in the oven or in the ever-so-handy Hot Logic, a portable “oven” that doesn’t over-cook food. Learn more about the Hot Logic here! (PS, that is an affiliate link for FitCoupleCooks! Use this code to get 20% off: fitcouplecooks)

How can we make cooking less of a chore?

Steph: The more you meal prep, the easier it gets. Having a goal helps. We have to think about staying healthy to avoid potentially having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills later in life. The better we take care of ourselves now, the better off we’ll be later (when it really counts).

What’s your FAVORITE meal to order at a restaurant?

Steph – Thai food! Especially not too spicy curry. And if you like curry too you should check out Steph’s Curry, that recipe was a hit!

AB – I literally order this all the time… LAKSA! And buffalo chicken pizza is my favorite. It was the first thing I had here in America and my life was never the same. Australians don’t do pizza the way New Yorkers do! (duh)

There you have it! If you have never heard of FitCoupleCooks before reading this post, I strongly encourage that you subscribe to their YouTube channel (here’s the link) and give one of their recipes a spin. I tried their chicken fajita bowls – it was the BOMB. Honestly, I still think about that fajita goodness sometimes.

And if you want to get even MORE actionable meal prep, healthy living and efficient cooking advice, subscribe to Workweek Lunch below.



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