7 Hacks To Freshen Up Leftovers That Don’t Involve More Cooking

In life, leftovers happen. If you’re a meal prepper or batch cooker you know what I’m talking about.

Variety is literally the spice of life, and the same applies to food. I don’t know about you, but when I take leftovers out of the fridge, I definitely don’t want to put in a lot of effort into spicing them up.

Eating the same thing every day can be almost soul-crushing — just like how doing the same job every day can be. We eat 3-6 times a day, every single day, so I’m not surprised when I hear that people are bored of what they eat.

The cure for boredom is always creativity.

Here are some super simple ways to spice up any meal that involves zero cooking on your part. You just need to have these ingredients on hand.

I’m serious. These quick meal makeovers are faster, easier and less time consuming than showering.

Here are some ways to spice up your food if you’re bored of it.

Make it “California” style

I’m a weirdo who only uses a quarter of an avocado at a time (it takes me three days to finish one usually) so I’m always trying to find ways to not waste it. It’s so easy to chop up avocado and add it to leftovers to make it “California” style.

Not only does it also makes any meal Insta-worthy, you’re also adding healthy fat to your meal that will help you control belly bulge.


Make it crunchy.

Pantry items like almond slivers, walnuts (my fave), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds add a little bit of protein and lots of crunch to any dish. Like avocados, nuts also contain healthy fats that keep your belly bulge in check.


Sneak in more greens

Whenever I have leftovers from a simple meal, I just add a layer of kale, spinach or lettuce to the bottom of the dish. This instantly makes me eat more veggies, which is always a good thing. It also makes me feel like I’m eating a fancy meal I bought at Dig Inn.

It’s also a great way to finish up leafy greens when they’re about to go bad.


Just add cheese!

Kind of a no-brainer, but adding shredded, sliced or crumbled cheese can instantly take leftovers from sad to savory. I always keep cheese in my fridge. The varieties I love are: shredded mexican blend, feta crumbles and parmesan.


Heat it up or eat it cold

Sometimes I heat up my lunch at work and sometimes I don’t. It can change the experience of the meal. Some people need hot meals, but when you’re trying to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating something different, a change in temperature is an easy fix.

Add your favorite sauce or condiment (see: sriracha)

When I batch cook, I rarely add sauce or condiments until the day I’m going to eat it. Sometimes I make a couple tablespoons of a tahini sauce or I whip up an olive oil and mustard based dressing to add on before taking it to work. When you make simple meals that could be complemented by various flavors, it’s easy to make them taste different every day.

For example, leftover lightly seasoned baked chicken can taste great with sriracha OR soy OR barbecue sauce.


Turn it into a wrap or sandwich

This is my favorite thing to do for dinner or a lunch on the weekends. This becomes a lot easier when your fridge is constantly stocked with wraps or whole wheat bread. Literally anything can be turned into a sandwich, and if you don’t think so, I dare you to prove yourself wrong.

veggie sandwich

These are just a couple easy ways to make any meal interesting without actually cooking.

What are some of your favorite ways to spice up leftovers or repeat meals?

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