For The Love Of Meal Prep: Kale Pesto Pizza & Easy Chicken With Veggies

I start getting excited about meal prep on Thursday. There’s nothing better than knowing I have a completely free Sunday afternoon to get into cooking.

This Sunday, I banged it all out in three hours. When I say “all,” I mean two kale pesto pizzas and three lunches for the week.

Feeling adventurous, I tried a slightly different recipe for chicken from Pinch of Yum which turned out fantastic. The pizza recipe is from Cookie and Kate and it’s the second time I’ve had the pleasure of making it.

Below, you’ll find links to the recipes of what I made as well as some meal prep snapchats!

First, I made Cookie and Kate’s kale pesto pizza with a homemade whole wheat crust (also her recipe).

I love making dough.


Pesto is surprisingly simple to make.

Don’t judge it by its size. This little food processor can do it all.

Two of the best investments I made this year are a pizza peel and baking stone.

IMG_4666 IMG_4667


These pizzas cook in less than 10 minutes!

For my lunches, I followed a spicy chicken and sweet potato recipe from Pinch of Yum. This isn’t much different than my honey lime chicken meal prep,  but throwing everything in the oven definitely makes it easier. The recipe calls for cajun seasoning mix, but I just made my own with spices in my pantry!

Marinating chicken is key.


It’s so easy when everything fits on one pan.

My teeny oven worked hard today.

This cooked in less than 20 minutes at 425 Fahrenheit.

My FAVORITE part of meal prep is assembling the lunches in Tupperware.

Here’s the final product.


Seriously, one of the feelings in the world happens every morning, Monday-Friday, right before I leave work. It’s the moment I open my fridge and grab a little Tupperware full of goodies I made myself. With my oils, my salt, my meat and my veggies, made in my own kitchen. No mystery ingredients. No guilt. I stick it in my bag and I’m off.

The second best feeling in the world happens at 12 pm exactly, when I get to eat the lunch I brought. I don’t waste any time thinking about where to grab something. I don’t have to weigh options based on what’s too expensive or too unhealthy. I don’t worry about who I’m going to eat with and when.

Plus, I know my cooking is pretty damn good. And it’s not going to make me bloat or crash at 2pm. It’s going to be a good week.

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