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The Master List Of Podcasts, Movies & TV Shows To Enjoy While Meal Prepping

Any experienced home cook or meal prepper knows cooking is a great time to multitask.

I’m not talking about answering emails while you have a casserole in the oven.

I’m talking about catching up on your favorite TV shows, podcasts or throwing on a movie you love.

For me, having something to listen to or watch helps cooking go by faster. It makes the whole process more relaxing and fun!

More reasons why watching/listening to something while cooking is great:

  • You can time your meals to last the length of one movie or podcast (for example, I know that my preps usually take one Game Of Thrones episode)
  • You don’t have to feel so behind when catching up on a show you watch every week
  • It’s also a great time to start a new show because you’re not like, sitting down just to watch it
  • Podcasts, in particular, are great because you can load them up on your phone and wear a headset while cooking – then you don’t have to worry about pausing it over the sound of a food processor or something like that.

This week I asked my audience to share their favorite podcasts, TV shows and movies they enjoy while cooking.

Turns out, my audience has AMAZING taste in media.

I’ve bolded my personal picks in the lists below. Come back to this post every time you cook if you ever blank out on what to watch or listen to!

And thanks to EVERYONE in my audience who participated.

TV shows to enjoy while cooking

The Office – Netflix

Friends – Netflix

Gilmore Girls – Netflix

Parks and Rec – Netflix

Bob’s Burgers – Netflix

Scrubs – Netflix

Downton Abbey – Netflix

Cheers – Netflix

The Simpsons -Netflix

Big Bang Theory – Netflix

Jane The Virgin – Netflix

Lucifer – Hulu

Grown-ish – Hulu

Black-ish – ABC (online)

Young Sheldon – CBS (online)

The Good Place – Netflix/NBC

Scandal – Netflix

The Goldbergs – Netflix

Supernatural – Netflix

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Netflix

Shark Tank – ABC

The Great British Baking Show – Netflix

How I Met Your Mother – Netflix

Suits – Netflix/USA

This Is Us – NBC (online)

Orphan Black – Netflix

All the cooking shows: The Chew, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Worst Cooks – Food Network

Modern Family – NBC/Netflix

Real Housewives (commenter: because you don’t have to think too hard) – Hulu

Blue Bloods – Netflix

New Girl – Netflix

Grace and Frankie – Netflix

The Wire – HBO

The Bachelor – ABC (commenter added that it’s okay to share that because the survey was anonymous but I love The Bachelor too, no shame)

Women Behind Bars – Netflix

Stranger Things – Netflix

Skins – Netflix

Merlin – Netflix

Seinfeld – Netflix

The Royals – Netflix

That 70’s Show – Netflix

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Netflix

Handmaids Tale – Hulu

NCIS – Netflix

Hawaii Five-0 – Netflix

Talia’s Favorites that weren’t already mentioned: Modern Love, She’s Gotta Have It, Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Netflix), Game Of Thrones (HBO)

Podcasts to enjoy while cooking

For The Love

Beautiful Anonymous

Thinking Sideways


The Vanished

Hidden Brain

Atlanta Monster

The Read

The Friend Zone

Style your Mind

All the Books

Lovett or Leave It

Pod Save America

My Favorite Murder (recommended 5x in this survey!)

Dear Sugar (recommended 3x in this survey!)

Switched On Pop


Under The Skin With Russell Brand

Hello Internet

This American Life

The Moth

No Sleep Podcast

How I Built This (recommended 4x in this survey!)

Freakonomics (recommended 3x in this survey!)

The Last Podcast On The Left

Honest Money Conversations

The History Chicks


Serious Eats

Truth Or Dare: Female Empowerment

The Mind Body Green Podcast


Pardon My Take

Planet Money

Girls Gone WOD

Comedy Bang Bang

Stuff You Should Know

Sword And Scale (recommended 3x in this survey!)

The Minimalists

Welcome To Night Vale

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Reply All by Gimlet Media

Revisionist History


Talia’s favorite podcasts that weren’t mentioned: Food Psych, How Did This Get Made, Smart Passive Income, Online Marketing Made Easy, The Chasing Joy Podcast, The Three Month Vacation Podcast, WTF with Marc Maron

Movies to enjoy while cooking

The Harry Potter Series (HBO)

Disney Movies! (any of them, all of them)

Meet The Fockers & Meet The Parents

Mamma Mia

Julie and Julia

Bring It On – Netflix

Legally Blonde – Netflix

Last Holiday

Pretty Woman

Freaky Friday

Mean Girls

Pitch Perfect

27 Dresses

The Proposal

(Basically ANY Rom Com!)

Anything Pixar, especially Ratatouille

Back To The Future (HBO)

Anything Marvel

Talia’s favorite movies on Netflix to watch while meal prepping: Aside from aforementioned Rom Coms (I love them), Hitch, Wedding Crashers, Zootopia, anything with Jim Carey, Okja, The Founder

I hope this list helps you next time you’re stuck on your entertainment of choice during meal prep!

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with picking something to watch or listen to — so this list is a huge help. Thanks to all who participated in the survey!

Did I miss your favorite podcast/TV show/movie? Drop it in the comments below!



feature image credit: Keeping Composure Photography

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