Garlic Shrimp With Asparagus, Mushrooms And Chickpea Pasta

I don’t treat myself to shrimp often, but when I do, I keep it simple.

Fun fact about me: I didn’t try shrimp until my junior year of college. First of all, I was brought up in a kosher home. Secondly, I used to be the pickiest eater in the world.

Now, as a bonafide meal prepper I love shrimp for three reasons:

  1. It’s freezable. You can buy it in bulk, freeze it, and keep it in your freezer for up to three months until you’re ready to cook with it.
  2. It’s versatile. There are so many ways to flavor shrimp and they taste good with simple aromatics as well, like garlic.
  3. It’s an excellent source of protein. 100 grams has 24g of protein and only 100 calories. Not bad!

What’s the deal with chickpea pasta?

This recipe also includes chickpea pasta, but if you don’t have any, you can use whatever pasta you’d like. I recommend whole wheat pasta as a good substitute.

The brand I used to make the meal pictured is Banza, but Explore Asian also makes great chickpea pasta. You can order either brand online! I’m not an affiliate for either of these brands, I just like them.

Chickpea pasta is the bomb if you want to get more bang for your calorie buck when you eat starches.

That’s why I stick to complex carbs most of the time and never eat white rice or white bread. But that’s just me! I’m not here to tell you what pasta to use. I’m just here to show you how to make easy meals in no time. 🙂

The Cacio e Pepe recipe I used with the pasta is adapted from the one that’s on Banza’s site.  I provide a simple version below (but it’s already really simple).

This recipe is meant to make three servings. When stored in an airtight container, these meals will last up to four days in the fridge. Happy meal prepping!

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Garlic Shrimp With Asparagus, Mushrooms And Chickpea Pasta
This is a quick, two pan meal you can put together for weeknight dinners or work lunches when you're craving shrimp!
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
  1. Prep your veggies! -Wash the mushrooms -Slice the ends (the white part) off the asparagus. Then cut the bunch in half (or keep them whole if you want!)
  2. Heat a medium skillet on the stove and add a glug of olive oil (or a cooking oil of your choice). Add mushrooms and asparagus to the skillet. Add a splash of water and salt and pepper to taste. Turn heat to medium/low and cover the pan. Let the veggies sautee for three to five minutes, stirring occasionally. When the veggies are done, divide them into three portions and place them in your food containers.
  3. Next, make the pasta according to the package.
  4. While the pasta is going, wipe the skillet out and return it to the stove. Turn the heat to medium and add another glug of cooking oil to the skillet. Let it warm up for about a minute. Then add the garlic and let cook for two minutes. Add the shrimp to the skilet so they're not touching each other. You might not have room for each shrimp, so you may have to cook them in batches. Add salt and pepper and let cook for three to four minutes before flipping. Then cook for two minutes on the other side. Repeat until all the shrimp is cooked! Then add them to your containers in even portions.
  5. To make Cacio e Pepe with the chickpea pasta, just add the melted butter to the drained pasta and stir. Add salt, pepper and paremesan and stir. If the pasta is super sticky, add a splash of water to break it up. Then divide the pasta into three even portions and add them to your containers. That's it!
Recipe Notes

These meals should last up to four days in your fridge when stored in airtight containers. You can heat them up in the microwave (one minute and 30 seconds max) or on the stove (about five minutes)!

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