What I’m Watching This Week – June 20th

For me, cooking and entertainment go hand in hand. I enjoy cooking so much more when I’m distracted by my favorite shows. If I’m cooking, I’m also watching TV- no matter what.

Every Monday, I’ll be posting what TV shows or podcasts I’m enjoying while cooking meals for the week.

I’d love to hear your recommendations on what to watch or listen to while cooking. I’ll try just about anything and I’m open to all suggestions.

Also: this is a no spoiler zone. If you haven’t watched these shows or episodes, you’re safe!


I had some catching up to do with ‘Veep’ so I was able to watch not one, but two episodes tonight (Monday) while I cooked my lunches for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Episode 8, ‘Camp David’ and Episode 9, ‘Kissing Your Sister’ were both amazing. This season has been solid, but the overall story has been pretty slow. I’m glad we’re finally getting to the point in the season where actual shit is going down.

Episode 9 was very special, and it’s a perfect example of why ‘Veep’ is such a smart show. For me, it’s better but comparable to ’30 Rock.’ And yes, I can cook and still manage to catch most of the jokes. It’s a talent I’ve had to develop over time.

I can’t wait for the Season 5 finale.


‘Game Of Thrones’

I didn’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ while I was cooking because it does need my full attention, but my boyfriend and I whipped up a quick meal right before watching episode 6, ‘Battle of the Bastards.’

It was epic. I really couldn’t handle watching the excruciatingly long battle, but the ending was extremely satisfying.

For the record, I only started watching GoT in January of this year. For two straight months, I strictly watched GoT while cooking meals for the week. It was time-consuming, but totally worth it.


‘The Bachelorette’

Since I don’t have access to cable or the capabilities to watch ABC live, I have to wait until Tuesdays to catch this reality TV staple. ‘The Bachelorette’ is a pretty good background TV show because you don’t need to give it your full attention to get what’s going on.

This season is pretty standard as far as the drama on these dumb shows goes, and as always it’s entertaining. But honestly, JoJo didn’t seem to get the best selection of dudes in the first place. So I really hope she finds a winner in there somewhere.

Let it be known that if I wasn’t a writer for a living, I would want Chris Harrison’s job.



I discovered this Hulu original last year and am so glad it’s back for season two. Dysfunctional family dramedies are definitely my jam. The struggles that the characters go through on ‘Casual’ are too real to watch sometimes.

If you haven’t seen it, ‘Casual’ is basically a darker version of ‘Modern Family.’ I feel like so many current shows of this nature don’t have dynamic and complex characters, and this one is totally an exception.

Even though I’m not a divorced mom who lives with my brother, I really feel for Valerie, played by Michaela Watkins. She simply does an amazing job.


So that’s what I’m watching this week.

For me, entertainment  is an incredibly important factor in enjoying the (sometimes long) process of cooking. It’s prime time to start new shows I’ve never seen before too.

What do you love watching? I’d love to hear your TV suggestions in the comments below!

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