Prep tasty meals for work that you’re actually excited to eat.

You know that cooking is an important part of healthy eating. But who has time to cook every day?

Not you. And not me either!

I created Workweek Lunch to help busy people batch cook quick, tasty and budget-friendly meals to take to work, instead of going to the same boring (over expensive) lunch places that don’t serve up the highest quality eats.

I’m Talia Koren, a food and cooking-obsessed writer from NYC.

In 2016, I created Workweek Lunch, which now has 40,000 monthly readers, because my coworkers constantly asked me how I had time to make delicious meals for work. I’m not a nutritionist, just an expert meal prepper on a mission to help working professionals get in control of their food (and lives) by bringing lunch to work. Read my full story here.



Here you’ll find healthy, non-boring and time-friendly recipes.

I eat all foods and call myself a flexitarian. Some recipes are vegan and vegetarian. Most are gluten-free. Some have meat. Whatever your diet is, you’ll find something that will work for you here.

Get started with these fan favorites:

The Burrito Bowl

Overnight Oats Master Recipe

Easy Tofu Stir Fry With Rice & Veggies

Nine DIY Sauces, Marinades & Glazes 

Ditch dieting and find a more sustainable approach to health.

I don’t believe in finding the perfect diet that will magically solve all of our problems. Instead, I encourage my readers to find their perfect diet and embracing the intuitive eating approach to health. I am also an advocate for Health At Every Size and will never talk about “weight loss foods.”

Read more about how to stay motivated and consistent with lifestyle habits that help you be the best version of yourself:

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How To Get Stuff Done Every Week And Still Have Time To Chill

The 3 Keys To Unlocking A Healthy Mindset

Spend a little time cooking, save MORE time for relaxing.

Meal planning is the secret behind successful meal prep. These resources below will help you learn how to save time and money (kinda important) every week by carefully planning your meals around your schedule.

How I Save Up To $260 By Cooking My Own Food

How To Meal Plan

Minimalist Kitchen Equipment

The Only 10 Ingredients You Need In Your Pantry

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