Is living off overpriced takeout getting old?

Most of the time, we buy food at restaurants because we’re too lazy to cook or didn’t plan ahead. But that’s a pretty expensive lifestyle to have, plus it doesn’t do your body any favors.

Workweek lunch is dedicated to helping you shift your eating and spending habits — even if you think there’s no time to grocery shop, cook and do dishes.

You can find that perfect balance without sacrificing time or money.

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve done it! And I created this blog as a resource to help you do the same.

What would your life look like if you…

  • set yourself free from blowing cash at restaurants out of necessity
  • stopped wasting time buying groceries you don’t use
  • never felt tired after eating crappy, unhealthy meals at work

If figuring out how to balance money, health and time was easy, we’d all be super fit, flush with cash and stress-free.

OK, I won’t lie, it takes some work. But here’s the good news. That balance totally exists. You just need a system.

WWLYou can take control over your money, time and health without ditching your social life or changing your work schedule. All you need is a system that works around your current lifestyle.

Here’s how the Workweek Lunch system works:

Meal prep to create more time in your schedule.

  • Planning meals in advance based on your weekly social and work schedule
  • Prepping several meals at once depending on your preferences (are you a fan of leftovers or no?)

I know it's the middle of the week, but I just wanted to make sure my lunches were covered before my trip to Nashville in 5 days! ✈️ You can watch how I made all of this on my Instagram story. These meals are: crispy Thai tofu with brown rice noodles and roasted carrots and BBQ chicken with spicy sweet potatoes. 😍Both have steamed asparagus on the side. Can't wait to devour these! . . . . . #healthylifestyle #fitfam #fitchickscook #fitgirl #tiufam #bbgfam #feedfeed #foodgawker #food52 #buzzfeast #huffpotaste #eatforabs #foodphotography #wellness #instagood #eeeeats #fromscratch #homemade #foods4thought #bgbcommunity #feedyoursoull #foodie #healthyfoodshare #cleanfoodshare #fitfoodie #iamwellandgood #healthnut #droolclub

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Buy groceries instead of meals at restaurants to save money.

  • I save up to $260 a month by buying more groceries and less takeout and so can you!
  • Learning how to buy the right amount of groceries will cut down on your food wastage.

Grocery haul for the week: $45. 🙏🏼I keep my grocery shopping lean and green every week because I #mealplan religiously! 🎯Also I know how to pick out the perfect recipe in seconds. ⚡️Find out how to stop wasting time searching for recipes in my new post! 🔑(Link in profile, just tap here: @workweeklunch) or go to: . . . . . #healthy #healthyfood #cleaneating #eatclean #healthyfoodporn #healthyeating #f52grams #whatieat #eatlikeyougiveafuck #workweeklunch #eatforabs #igfood #foodgram #instafood #foodpic #forkyeah #forkedup #foodie #salmon #chicken #groceries #eatyourveggies #mealprep #mealprepmonday #mealprepping #mealplanning #nutrition #groceryhaul #newpost

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Be healthier by cooking your favorite meals from scratch.

  • You don’t know what’s actually in your food unless you cook it yourself. Cooking lets you be in control of what you’re eating.
  • Planning and cooking healthy meals ahead of time helps you consistently make healthier decisions

Even if you’re a workaholic like me, you can take control of your eating and spending habits.

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to food, eating and health. But you can start living a healthier life TODAY even if…

…Your schedule is crazy and you feel like you don’t have time.

…You’re only responsible for feeding yourself and think grocery shopping doesn’t make financial sense.

…You don’t even know how to scramble an egg let alone cook a whole meal.

…You hate dealing with piles of dirty dishes.

…You get bored of eating the same thing all the time.

Here’s what you’ll find on Workweek Lunch:

  • Recipes! I share meals that are vegan, vegetarian and meals that include meat. You won’t find diet-friendly meals here and we don’t count calories or macros.

Sign up below for the most actionable meal planning, meal prep and food budgeting tips to get started. Your wallet and body will thank you.

Workweek Lunch was created by me, Talia Koren. I’m a freelance writer with a knack for easy, healthy and cheap home cooking.

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