About Workweek Lunch

Hey! I’m Talia and this is Workweek Lunch.

This blog is dedicated to helping you master a healthy cooking routine you won’t get bored of — even if you’re a workaholic like me.

The rest of this page is really about my food philosophy, but if you’re looking for the facts: I’m 25, I live in Colorado but I’m from New York City originally and when I’m not cooking, I’m a full-time Instagram marketing consultant. 

credit: Emily Shmutz

Why do I care?

When I started my first big girl job in 2014, I had a crazy work schedule and barely found time to cook. It didn’t help that my kitchen sucked and the oven wasn’t functional.

I was basically supporting myself and eventually figured out that buying food out all the time left my belly full of crap and my wallet nice and empty. Not a good situation.

So I started cooking, despite the low-quality kitchen tools I had. I was just doing what I could with what I had, and that’s all that mattered. When I started, I was bad. I didn’t know how to properly saute anything. Everything tasted bland.

But with practice and patience, I got better. When I started my new job and moved to a new apartment, I started taking my cooking a little more seriously. I started to enjoy it. I took my bland cooking to the next level with experimentation. Out went the cookbooks and in went my own original recipe creations.

Cooking most of my meals has helped me make peace with food (read: stop dieting), save hundreds of dollars per year and lots of precious time.

I want to help you achieve the same results. I want you to feel confident in your own skin and in the food you’re putting into your mouth.

Let’s face it. Even when we buy “healthy” food for lunch at work, we STILL end up hitting that 4 pm post-lunch slump. We don’t know exactly what’s going into the food. How can we really know it’s legitimately healthy?

This blog is about eating healthy, but it’s NOT about dieting and weight loss. If you end up cooking and losing some weight, awesome, but that’s not the main goal here.

I say screw the diet!

Restrictive eating rarely makes anyone truly happy because it’s damn near impossible to keep up. When you set too many rules, you eventually find yourself back at square one.

The food on fad diets might be nutrient-dense, but let’s be real. When has a diet proven to be 100% successful for you? At the end of the day, your mindset and approach to food are more powerful than any strict diet.

Here’s what you WON’T find on Workweek Lunch

You’re not going to find the word “paleo” here. There are actually no labels for any type of diet here because I’m not about that diet life.

Nor will you find anything about counting calories. Head over to MyFitnessPal if that’s your jam.

I’m not a nutritionist. I won’t be talking about macros and I can’t tell my readers what to eat. I can only be a guide on how to save time in the kitchen and how to make sure your food doesn’t spoil!

You won’t find gourmet, novel-length recipes here. I have a different and MUCH SIMPLER approach to cooking and building tasty, healthy meals that you’ll be excited to eat.

Credit: Emily Shmutz

Eating “right” is hard to do because we are overwhelmed with information.

Really? Eating right is easy. We just need to let our bodies show us the way. But since we’re constantly bombarded with messages about what to eat/what not to eat, we’ve pretty much lost all trust in our own judgement. I’m on a mission to fix that!

As someone who has been a yo-yo dieter for years, I know. As someone who has spent way too much money on takeout and restaurants in the past, I know.

But I’ve finally found a method and approach that made me fall in love with cooking, lets me enjoy my favorite foods and saves me money.

I want to help you gain confidence and reach your goals.

Whether that’s:

  • Loving how you look and feel
  • Stop spending money on eating out
  • Getting more comfortable in the kitchen
  • Living a lifestyle that lets you be the best version of yourself

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